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nighclub hot tub

The Beach, a nightclub in Hanley, a town in Stoke-on-Trent in the UK, has been closed due to concerns about Legionella bacteria and “anti-social behaviour.”  The hot tub was first installed in August, but the decision to close the hot tub came after the club took on new ownership.

Owner Pete Terry said: “The council and the police had raised concerns about the hot tub’s usage and the potential to cause illness through Legionnaires Disease, let alone the obvious issues which could be caused with alcohol and water and the splashing of water.

“Our company was not confident that we could guarantee customer safety which has to be paramount in everything we do. “Therefore we took the decision to cease using the hot tub immediately after takeover and it is now removed.

“We feel the decision to install a hot tub by the previous operator was a brave move and a great touch but was sadly not practical in a late-night bar environment.”

According to Martyn Brindley, public protection strategic manager, Stoke-on-Trent Council officials had “given the owner advice on the health and safety risks associated with this type of equipment.

“In particular, water quality must be closely monitored with adequate cleaning and disinfection carried out at all times. There were also physical risks to consider given the chance for water to be spilled onto the floor.

“We were due to visit the venue again to make sure our advice had been fully acted on, however, the equipment has been removed.”

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