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LA Fitness Naperville Illinois

The hot tub at LA Fitness in Naperville, a Chicago suburb, has closed again, but this time due to high levels of disinfectant.

“It was just the chlorine levels were a little high,” said Luke Firestone, a manager at the LA Fitness.

The hot tub at this health club first closed five months ago due to two cases of Legionnaires’ disease associated with the facility.

Spokesman David Hass from the DuPage County Health Department ordered the closure earlier this week on Tuesday and said that the management has been very cooperative regarding the precautionary closure.

The two Legionnaires’ disease cases associated with the facility were confirmed on November 8, 2012, but LA Fitness actually closed the spa two weeks earlier as a precautionary step.

According to the Firestone, they expect the hot tub to reopen in 7-10 days.  The rest of the club remains open, as usual, to members.

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