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Greenwich High School

Three schools in Greenwich were tested for Legionella bacteria in light of the recent outbreak of Legionnaires’ disease in the Bronx.  Greenwich High School, International School at Dundee, and Riverside School were chosen for testing because all had cooling towers.

Dr. William McKersie, the Greenwich Superintendent, emailed parents Monday to let them now that Legionella were identifed in the GHS cooling tower, which is adjacent to the West parking lot.  The tower was ordered to be immediately disinfected upon discovering Legionella.

Dr. McKersie’s email said in part,

“After consulting with the Greenwich Director of Health, we do not believe these findings pose an increased risk to the health of students and staff. The type of Legionella bacteria identified is not the strain that is commonly associated with causing disease in people. Further, most healthy individuals do not become infected with Legionaella bacteria after exposure,” McKersie said in the emailed statement.”

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