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Glenwood Healthcare Ala_Modas

The Glenwood Nursing Home and Rehabilitation Center has been identified as the common link to all 13 confirmed cases of Legionnaires’ disease involved in the outbreak in Alabama.  There are currently 13 confirmed cases including one fatality linked to the facility in Florence.  According to Dr. Karen Landers, assistant state health officer, there are also likely 10 additional cases which are undergoing testing to confirm Legionnaires’ disease.  There have been no new reported cases since Oct. 11.

Glenwood Nursing Home and Rehabilitation Center is remaining open during the investigation and has been fully cooperative.  The facility released a statement on Oct. 18 saying:

“As a leader in long-term care healthcare in Alabama, Glenwood Healthcare immediately proceeded to notify and cooperate with state and local health departments and area hospitals with respect to identifying and treating any instances of Legionellosis…Since October 11, 2013, there have been no new respiratory infections identified at the Glenwood facility, evidencing positive results of Glenwood’s proactive response to this matter.

Glenwood Healthcare is not aware of any conclusive results from the environmental testing performed in our community by Alabama Department of Public Health and the U.S. Center for Disease Control that identify the source of Legionella bacteria.”

Steve Modas, son of a woman receiving treatment at Glenwood Healthcare, claimed he did not know of the outbreak until after seeing it on the news.  His mother was at the facility for a 20-day rehabilitation session; however, Mr. Modas decided to remove his mother from the nursing home’s care a few days early to be cautious. He said he was pleased with the level of care his mother has received, but just wanted to err on the side of caution.

For more on this article, please visit http://www.legionlawjournal.com/2013/10/21/glenwood-nursing-home-in-alabama-is-common-link-to-all-confirmed-legionnaires-cases/

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