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According to an article from the Telegraph, firefighters and paramedics at the Staines Fire Station in Surrey County in the UK have been evacuated due to the presence of Legionella bacteria in the water system.

Efforts have been made to eradicate Legionella from the Staines Fire Station, which is owned by Thames Water and leased to Surrey County Counsel, for two weeks, but the attempts have not been very successful.  A decision was made on Friday, March 27 to evacuate all firefighter and paramedic personnel from the station until the problem was solved.

So far, no personnel have become ill with Legionnaires’ disease, “but experts said it was too dangerous for them to remain in the building.”

A Surrey County Council spokesman said “We can confirm that traces of Legionella have been found in the water system at Staines Fire Station following a routine inspection and it is believed to be contained to this building.

“It is not unusual for Legionella to be found in large buildings with no effect on human health in most cases.

“Work is underway to flush out the bacteria as quickly as possible.”

Thames Water, the owner of the building, denies blame for the outbreak of Legionella bacteria.  A spokesperson said “It is our land, but the building is on a long lease to Surrey County Council.  The actual water supplier for that area is Affinity Water, not Thames, but this would be nothing to do with water quality.”

According to a fire brigade source, “Experts have spent two weeks trying to get rid of the bug, but it is very persistent and there is talk that they may have to replace all the plumbing to get rid of it.”

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