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EMSL Analytical, Inc., a company providing laboratory testing services including Legionella testing, will be providing a free webinar, “Legionella & ASHRAE 188 – Investigation, Prevention, and Control.”


The webinar will take place next Tuesday, Dec. 17, 2013 from 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM EST and will be hosted by Dr. Jason Dobranic, the Vice President of Microbiology and Life Sciences at EMSL Analytical.
The webinar will cover the following topics:
• Legionellosis introduction
• At risk groups
• Potential sources of contamination
• Where to sample for Legionella
• Proper sample collection procedures
• Choosing lab methods (pros & cons)
• Interpretation of lab results
• Remediation
• ASTM D5952 Standard Guide for Inspection
• ASHRAE 188 Prevention Standard
• HACCP Plan and design for Legionella control
• Process flow diagrams
• Hazard analysis
To register for the webinar, please visit
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