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Update on the recent Legionnaires’ outbreak in Spain and subsequent hospitalizations.

According to The Telegraph, the Legionnaires’ disease outbreak at the Diamante Beach Hotel in Calpe, Costa Blanca, Spain, which has already cost the lives of three British men, was first detected a month before health authorities took action.

In the middle of December, health authorities were first made aware of a case of Legionnaires’ when it was contracted by a Spanish guest at the hotel. Then two weeks later, on December 27th, a waitress at the hotel came down with the disease.

The minister of health for the region, Luis Rosado, defended his handling of the crisis on Saturday saying, “we did what we had to do until we had definitive confirmation of the epidemic.”

Local reports claim that hotel staff were made aware of the danger back in December and told to take extra precautions but not to mention it to guests.

The three Britons who have died ranged in age from 73 to 78. In total, 11 Britons and 4 Spaniards have contracted the disease as a result of this outbreak.

Updates will be posted as they become available.

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