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One of four doctors involved in the hospitalization of 11 newborns and the death of three from Legionnaires’ Disease pleaded not guilty on January 19, 2012, the Cyprus Mail reports. All four doctors are facing charges surrounding the incident, and one is charged with causing death “due to irresponsible and dangerous action.” Other charges include failing to take adequate precautions to insure the safety of patients and staff, and failing to follow the required health and safety protocol.

According to the Cyprus Mail, all infants were born in Hippocrateon Hospital between December 19, 2008 and December 22, 2008, and were later admitted to the intensive care unit of a different hospital. The nursery ward was closed on December 29, 2008 when it was found that all infants had Legionnaires’. Legionella bacteria were found in a humidifier in the Hippocrateon newborns’ unit, as well as in parts of the hospital’s water distribution system.

The other three doctors are expected to plead to the charges on March 3. The hearing date is set for May 7. Updates of this case will follow as they become available.


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