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A recent article in Forbes discusses the CDC’s response to Legionnaires’ disease as a reactive rather than proactive.  “This approach causes thousands of preventable infections each year.”

It goes on to say that although Legionnaires’ disease outbreaks are not uncommon, they do not receive much attention, and sporadic cases are hardly ever thoroughly investigated.

Dr. J. Donald Millar, the former Assistant U.S. Surgeon General, had previously successfully used disease surveillance approach to eradicate smallpox, and has been a long-time critic of the CDC’s handling of Legionnaires’ disease.

Although countless others are of Dr. Millar’s opinion, the CDC’s practices have not changed.

The CDC discourages environmental testing until after an outbreak occurs (two or more confirmed cases) and “in effect uses people as ‘canaries in the coal mine’ to detect high-risk water sources.”

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