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PHILADELPHIA, Pennsylvania (September 11, 2012) – Jules Zacher is investigating an outbreak of Legionnaires’ disease among hotel guests who stayed at the Comfort Suites in Grantville, PA.  Recent patrons of the hotel have been notified of the ongoing investigation.  According to a letter sent to guests, the Pennsylvania Department of Health and the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection have been involved the investigation.  Water testing was conducted on August 23, 2012 and environmental samples from the hotel’s water system were positive for Legionella, the bacteria that can cause Legionnaires’ disease.

According to the letter, the hotel is working with health departments to remediate the water system and create a plan to prevent future outbreaks.  The letter advises that guests who become ill seek medical attention and request that their health provider contact state or local health departments to report the illness or receive more information.

Legionnaires’ disease is a severe form of pneumonia.  Symptoms can include, but are not limited to: fever, respiratory issues, diarrhea, headache, and bodily weakness.  Legionnaires’ disease is most often contracted when people inhale aerosolized water containing Legionella bacteria. Common sources of outbreaks include showers, faucets, hot tubs, pools, fountains, and other components of large scale water systems—often in hotels and hospitals.

It is uncertain how many people have been affected by this outbreak thus far.  However, the presence of a state investigation means there is likely a cluster of cases that prompted the state to become involved, rather than an isolated case.  Jules Zacher will continue to investigate this situation and will report as more facts emerge in the early stages of this story.


Jules Zacher is a Philadelphia attorney who has worked on Legionnaires’ disease cases throughout the country.  He has litigated several cases involving outbreaks at hotels.  To find out more, please visit

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