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Earlier this week, the American Legion, one of the oldest and most influential veterans’ organizations, called for the resignation of Eric Shinseki and two other senior Veterans Affairs officials.

One month ago, the American Legion Commander, Daniel Dellinger asked the Secretary of Veterans Affairs, Eric Shinseki, why no one was fired from his department despite the serious issues that have persisted for years.  According to Mr. Dellinger, “[Shinseki] said he didn’t need to fire anyone; he needed to retrain them” and this response “was a red flag.”

Some of the most concerning issues deal with delayed care.

According to congressional officials, as many as 40 veterans in Phoenix, Arizona died while waiting for care.  Although, officials in Phoenix claim that none of those 40 deaths were related to delayed care, similar allegations have been made at the VA facilities in Colorado and Texas.

In April, it was further revealed that at least 23 veterans had delayed cancer screenings at the VA hospitals over the past several years.

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