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Smart Water Summit

Jules Zacher recently attended the 3rd Annual Smart Water Leadership Summit hosted by Phigenics which took place in Las Vegas at the MGM Grand Hotel from April 8 – 10, 2015.  The Summit’s agenda included topics such as Sustainable Water Management Programs for the Built Environment and Leadership in Facility Water Management; the Summit was attended by representatives and executives from water management companies around the world, the Mayo Clinic, and the Veterans Health Administration.

Perhaps the most interesting part at the Summit was the presentation given by Shantini Gamage, Epidemiologist from the Veterans Health Administration.  Dr. Gamage discussed the “Veterans Health Administration (VHA) Directive 1061: A Proactive Approach to Legionella Prevention at a Large, Integrated Healthcare System in the U.S.” which addressed the prevention of healthcare-associated Legionella disease from potable water distribution systems in VHA buildings and established policy for the prevention and control of Legionella.  During this presentation, Dr. Gamage stressed the importance of testing as a vital method to preventing cases of Legionnaires’ disease as well as maintenance methods for potable water systems.

Dr. Chetan Jinadatha, with the Central Texas Veterans Health Care System, followed Dr. Gamage and discussed the Assessment of Legionella Analytical Methods for Environmental Surveillance of VHA Facility Building Water Systems.

The Summit also included a panel of international water safety specialists including Fernando H. Bensoussan with Setri in Brazil, and representatives from the United Kingdom and Canada

To learn more about the topics discussed at the 3rd Annual Smart Water Leadership Summit, please click here.


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